I am a professional photographer with a foot in both the commercial and Fine Art photography worlds. I bring an artist's aesthetic to applied, real-world marketing. Eleven museums have acquired my photographs so far, and I use the same eye to meet my clients' needs. As a professional, commercial photographer, my goal is crystal clear. My goal is to make my client successful. I make great pictures that produce great results.

With nearly twenty years experience as a professional photographer in the Philadelphia market, several specialties have found their way into my shop. These include portrait photography, architectural photography, and commercial advertising photography. Underlying each specialization is my commitment to excellence.

Portrait photography is about more than simply rendering likeness, as so many of my Philadelphia and Princeton subjects discovered. A good portrait photographer also reveals something of his subject's values, concerns, and accomplishments.

Environmental portrait photography uses the subject setting to provide context - in part explaining how two of my environmental portraits were acquired by the Philadelphia Museum of Art for their permanent, Fine Art collection. This is something few other portrait photographers in the Philadelphia area can say. Executive portraiture is a sub-specialization within portrait photography. In executive portraiture, the image should exude qualities relevant to the purview of the person portrayed. In my executive portraits, I often seek to emphasize the executive's status, power, confidence and leadership. In providing services as a corporate photographer, especially in the Philadelphia, PA, and Princeton, NJ, region, my corporate photography has been instrumental to businesses large and small. I've photographed CEO's, Boards, Chairpersons, Directors and Presidents for, among others, The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, Princeton University, Drexel University, The Atlantic Foundation, and McCarter Theatre. And my favorite compliment of the many I receive? It is: "That was painless!"

Architectural photography requires sensitivity to a different set of concerns. Architectural photographs must meet the rigid protocol of level and plumb lines while, at the same time, emphasizing beauty in design as well as flow within space. The composition and lighting in architectural photography must be flawless. I've worked with architects primarily in the Philadelphia, PA, and Princeton, NJ, markets, where they required first-class architectural photographs of high-end structures. Being at the right place at the right time goes a long way to producing a good, exterior architectural photograph. The more difficult measure of architectural photography, I believe, is how the architectural photographer handles interior spaces. This often requires supplemental lighting and tweaking in digital postproduction. My architectural interiors come across as comfortable, inviting, naturally lit. My favorite compliment from the architect: "Yes!!!"

Commercial advertising photography is entirely different, once again. Here it is not so much a person or space that must be portrayed, but a product or a concept. Moreover, the client often knows in advance what the advertising photograph must look like! I've made commercial advertising photographs for agencies large and small in the Princeton, NJ, and Philadelphia, PA, area, many of which were destined for national distribution.

Ironically, I learned how to best work with advertising agencies through years of experience of working with artists. In photographing the artists' works, I had to put my skill and expertise at THEIR disposal. I understood that I was expected to be creative, but only to the extent that it strengthened THEIR vision. It isn't about me; it is about them. So, in my product photography, I photograph a product as if it were a sculpture. I accord respect to the Creative Director as if he or she is an artist, and I channel my creativity in a way that fills HIS or HER sail. This only makes sense. Commercial advertising photography requires teamwork. As an advertising photographer, I am a team player. My favorite compliment: "Ricardo - you've transformed [my product] into an artwork!"

Editorial photography and event photography are my bread and butter. I have countless magazine covers to my credit as an editorial photographer. Editorial, magazine assignments are often a fusion between environmental portrait photography and conceptual, commercial advertising photography. An ancillary benefit of magazine assignments is that I meet interesting people - and make new friends.

Behind it all, of course, is a passion for the visual aesthetic. A passion for ART. I arrived at this point because I was first a Fine Art photographer. I am still a Fine Art photographer. As you peruse this web site, you'll find that my commissioned work is categorized by genre (i.e., Advertising, Architecture, Editorial, Portrait,) and my personal work by project (i.e., Riverside Silos, Touching the Hood, Fabricated Truths). I hope you'll take a few moments to look. If you do, please let me know what you think!

Ricardo Barros